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The Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly (AWMA) has cracked down on a developer who constructed an illegal wall, blocking an access road in the Roman Ridge area near the Institute of Engineers and Planners after receiving a distress call from a trapped homeowner, resulting in the breaking down of a constructed walls on Monday, June 19, 2023.

Responding promptly, AWMA officers arrived at the site and broke down the walls, ensuring the individual's safety and restoring access to the road.

The developer claimed ownership of the access road, justifying the construction of walls blocking the gates of two Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) Bungalows and a private individual home.

Following the incident, the Physical Planning Officer of Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly, Mr. Mutsapha Gariba, led a team to investigate the matter further. The team, comprising the Regional Minister of Greater Accra, Hon. Henry Quartey, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Sandra Owusu-Ahinkorah, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. C.K. Opoku, a representative of the Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority (LUSPA), and the development team of the Assembly, visited the site on Tuesday to determine the validity of the developer's claim.

Mr. Mutsapha Gariba noted that the access road had been in existence before the developer acquired the land. He further explained that the developer argued alternative routes were available to the neighboring houses, but the existing plan contradicted this claim, allowing access only through the RCC Bungalow.

It was discovered during the inspection that the developer had proceeded with construction without obtaining the necessary permits, rendering the ongoing work illegal. Consequently, the team instructed an immediate halt to all activities at the site.

Hon. Henry Quartey, expressing his disapproval of the act, emphasized that the cul-de-sac was intended for the use of everyone in the area.

In light of the incident, the Regional Minister called upon the representative from LUSPA to provide a comprehensive explanation of the situation, urging them to outline the details surrounding this breach of regulations

Capitalizing on the visit, Hon. Henry Quartey also conducted an inspection of the RCC Bungalows in the area. He instructed one of the occupants to repaint the building and clear the heap of refuse situated in front of it, underscoring the importance of maintaining a clean and presentable environment in alignment with the agenda of the "Operation Clean Your Frontage" campaign in Accra.